Holy Grail Products: Foundation, Anti-Chaffing Gel and Sports Bras


When it comes to beauty and lifestyle products, we are always on the quest for the Holy Grail. Holy Grail items are those products so perfect, we need not look any further. I’ve only found the Holy Grail a few times in my life. I’d like to build on that list. Once you find a Holy Grail product, it’s easy to become evangelical about it.  So with that in mind, I’ve decided to start sharing my favourites as I find them. 

Armani Face Fabric ($50):

I mentioned this product in a previous post, because it is the only make-up product I am loyal to.  It’s definitely a luxury product with a luxury price tag that is totally justified in my eyes. This is the best, light coverage foundation product. It blends seamlessly with my skin. It has a matte finish, which I love. Some people prefer a dewy look, if I want shimmer or dew I add it afterwards. The most striking thing about Face Fabric is the texture of your skin after using it, smooth. It has a similar feeling to using a primer. And speaking of primer…

Lanacane Anti-Chaffing Gel ($9)

This is sold in drugstores as an Anti-Chaffing Gel. It does a great job of that. Many women have experienced the pain of thigh rub. It’s excruciating and can ruin your whole day. A liberal application of this stuff can save you some pain. However, that’s not why it’s on my list as a Holy Grail product. The crazy thing about this product is that it doubles as a make-up primer. It is very similar to Smashbox Primer for a fraction of the price. You can buy it in the drugstore. Monistat makes a similar product if you can’t find the Lanacane in your area. As a primer, this is a Holy Grail product. It’s cheap and it works!

Shock Absorber Sports Bras ($60+)

These athletic bras have a terrible name. I choose to ignore that because the quality of support is so great. I have a bra size that is often hard to find, and this company offers a range all the way up to HH. You can actually run in these bras, for real. They have the architecture to keep you secure. I have to order a new one because my old one is a bit too small. You can find a better price on eBay if you are not too picky about colours.

That’s my list for now. I’d love to hear about your favourite beauty and lifestyle items in the comments (and why you like them!).