The Second Step…

In this series of posts, I am working through 12 steps I created to help refresh my wardrobe for fall. If you would like to follow join me in the challenge, you can find all the steps here.

Closet organizing time! This is not always fun, but it’s essential to know what you are currently working with. If you live in an area that cools down in the fall, it’s a good time to put away those summer items. Schedule a donation pick up from a local charity organization so you have a deadline to sort your clothes.  

This is not my idea of a good time. I’m not an overly sentimental person, but it is always hard to part with clothes. I have items that haven’t fit me in years, but I keep them because they were expensive or have good memories attached.

The reality is that hoarding clothes is not helping me. There is no reason to keep clothing that fits poorly. It’s uncomfortable to wear and when you are uncomfortable it’s hard to go about your day looking confident and stylish. It’s time to get rid of all my non-fitting clothes.

I’m also getting rid of my sentimental items and my expensive non-fitting items. If they have monetary value; I’ll sell them online or consign them. Photographing the items can preserve the memories. By selling off these garments, I can raise money for new clothes! Hooray!

Here is a pile of clothing I’m going to sell…

As I organized my clothing, I took pictures of all the items I plan on keeping. This will serve as a visual catalogue. I plan to share those photos in my next post for step 3 of this challenge. In the meantime, here is a picture of my newly organized closet.



The Grown Up Things I Did Today…

In my ongoing quest to act my frickin’ age; I occasionally  have days of heightened productivity. That means I do more than one responsible or productive thing in one day. Today, I did 3 things! I’m amazing!

1) Hung up framed artwork in my bathroom. I’ve had these sitting around for the past 4 months. They are nothing fancy, just framed pictures from a magazine (Irving Penn flower pictures if you are that nosey). All I had to do was hammer two nails in to the wall, but it took me 4 months to get the motivation to do that. In my defense, I’ve had mono 4 times this year and I’ve barely had the strength to lift a hammer. I’m lucky if I get out of bed on my days off.

2) I wrote a thank you letter to someone who did me a huge favour. This is about 5 months late, but better late than never.

3) Last but not least, I organized my make-up bag. It was a shambles. You would think that a girl who used to work at a make-up school would have a decent make-up kit. Nope. I fail at cosmetics. I even took pictures so you could see how hard I fail.

The Entire Contents of My Make-up Bag

This is all the make-up I have to work with right now. I’ll do an inventory for you.

  • 1 Blush Brush
  • 1 Bobbi Brown Face Blender
  • 1 Broken Eyebrow Brush
  • 1 Stila Eyeshadow Brush
  • 1 Pair of Hot Pink Tweezerman Tweezers
  • 3 Korres Eyeshadows (2 Broken)
  • 1 Korres Mascara (I chucked it immediately after this picture because it’s old)
  • 1 Falsies Mascara (LOVE!)
  • 1 Silver Nail Polish (Probably chunky by now)
  • 1 Korres Khol Pencil
  • 1 Wet and Wild Khol Pencil
  • 1 Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil in Warm Brunette
  • 1 Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Chanel Eyeshadow Trio (Too pretty to use)
  • 1 Random Cream Blush
  • My precious Nars Crazed Blush (DISCONTINUED!!!!!)
  • 1 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
  • 1 Armani Face Fabric
  • 1 Lanacane Anti-chaffing gel (I’ll explain this at a later date, but I use it on my face)

As you can see, I tend to go for quality over quantity. I don’t wear a ton of product daily but I do like strong pigments and appealing textures. One thing you may have noticed is that I have absolutely no lip products. I did forget to photograph my Nars Funny Face lipstick. It’s a super bright pink that I rarely wear because it’s really over the top. Other than that, I only have lipbalm. I fail at wearing lipstick.

Another thing you may have noticed is that half of the products I own are broken. My favourite blush is basically a fine mist. As a result, my make-up bag is a powdery, dusty, disaster area.

Tragically Broken Cosmetics

So, my mission this week is to find replacements for the messy, broken items and invest in some fun new items.  I do have a job that requires a certain amount of polish and professionalism. I can’t go to work looking like I’ve rolled out of bed, so I can justify a little trip to Sephora. I’ll have a full report when I get around to that.

To reward myself for all the hard work and grown-up behaviour, I poured myself a double shot of Kraken over ice with a little agave syrup; surprisingly delicious. I didn’t have any mixer available, so I got creative.

On that note, I’m going to settle in with some netflix and think about all the grown-up things I’m going to do tomorrow.