Wardrobe Rehab

12 Step Clever Wardrobe Challenge

Holy smokes, it’s the middle of September! That means it’s time to get serious about fall/winter clothing. I am officially bored with 99.9% of my clothes and I’m ready to move on. To jumpstart things, I propose a challenge. You don’t have to post something daily, but try to work your way through the twelve steps! 

  1. Describe yourself and your lifestyle. If you have a job that requires a certain type of clothing, that is going to affect your choices. Give us an idea of what is important to you when it comes to clothing. You can also describe your personal taste.
  2. Closet organizing time! This is not always fun, but it’s essential to know what you are currently working with. If you live in an area that cools down in the fall, it’s a good time to put away those summer items. Schedule a donation pick up from a local charity organization so you have a deadline to sort your clothes.
  3. What are you keeping? Photograph the key items in your current wardrobe that you wear often and plan to wear in the fall.
  4. You bought it but you’ve never worn it? We all have these things in our closet. Things we bought but never wear. Find one of these items that fits you well, but you don’t wear. Take a picture of a neglected item and describe why you have never worn it.
  5. Make a new outfit! Using the item from assignment number 4, make a new outfit . If it’s appropriate, wear it out of the house!
  6. What is your default color palate? Describe the colors your usually wear. You can share an outfit if you would like.
  7. Break your color habit! Now that you have described your safety zone, try something different. Put together an outfit that doesn’t include your default colors.
  8. Confidence booster! Is there an outfit in your closet that makes you feel unstoppable? Describe or photograph it and share with us.
  9. What do you need? Make a list of things that you need for fall. I’m sure we can all think of a zillion things we want, but what are the essentials you must buy for your wardrobe to function for the season. Make a polyvore of these essential items.
  10. Let someone else dress you! Have a girlfriend, boyfriend, family member or sales person pick out an outfit for you. It can be from your own wardrobe or you can do it at a store. You can photograph it on or off your body.
  11. Fantasize a little (or a lot)! Create a 10 piece fantasy fall wardrobe using polyvore or link photos. Don’t worry about price, we are dreaming here. Try to pick styles that you would actually wear. You want to use this for inspiration when you go shopping for realistic items. You can use unlimited  shoes/accessories in your fantasy wardrobe, but stick to 10 clothing items.
  12. Go shopping and buy yourself something new for fall! Share a picture with the class!

Have fun!


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