The Tenth Step…

In this series of posts, I am working through 12 steps I created to help refresh my wardrobe for fall. If you would like to follow join me in the challenge, you can find all the steps here.

  Let someone else dress you! Have a girlfriend, boyfriend, family member or sales person pick out an outfit for you. It can be from your own wardrobe or you can do it at a store. You can photograph it on or off your body.

I was very resistant to the idea of being dressed by another person. I’ve always had very strong convictions when it comes to my clothing. I’m not always pitch perfect, but I like what I like. So it was with some trepidation that I asked my partner to pick out an outfit for this step of the challenge. He is a talented artist with his own very strong convictions. It did not surprise me when he picked out the one item I was trying to avoid. That damn dress.

Not only did he pick out that dress, but he paired with some wild leggings and a chunky scarf and orange boots! An outfit fit for Harajuku.

I didn’t do a very good job of wrapping the scarf, I look like I have a neck injury.

A funny thing happened when I was taking pictures in this dress. My confidence started to build, so I decided to try wearing it some other ways…not hiding behind the scarf!

 As you can see, by the end of it I was hamming it up and serving up my best Blue Steel. I couldn’t help it, I was feeling good!  The moral of the story, sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help you see yourself in a different way. If your wardrobe is feeling stagnate, let a friend make some suggestions. Even if you don’t wear the exact outfit they suggest, you may find yourself rethinking your own convictions.
Dress: Asos (straight size line)
Leggings: Asos Curve
Scarf: My Boyfriend’s Closet
Leather Jacket: Veda
Boots: Dolce Vita

8 thoughts on “The Tenth Step…

  1. Ugh this sounds like such a good idea. I really want to reinvent my wardrobe; in the middle of creating a collage of images of clothes/outfits I like and I’d love to join you but you are already on part 10 of 12! 😦 I think it’s a bit too late, ha. But keep goin, that dress looks fab, showing off those curves nicely (tho not with those leggings!!!), and that jacket *drools*

    1. Thanks Kassie! You can always run through the steps at your own pace. Or pick and choose the exercises that would help you the most. Even if you don’t share them on a blog, it really helps!

  2. This dress and the combinations are awesome! I went to the site to look for the dress, but they don’t have my size. But I will be on the lookout for one black and white dress with this shape. I love it, very inspiring!

    1. Hi Meka, those leggings are easy to pair with other items because you can match any of the colors in the print.I’ll put together a collage showing some options later tonight and link it here in the comments when it’s done. Thank you for the compliment on the dress!

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