The Eighth Step…

In this series of posts, I am working through 12 steps I created to help refresh my wardrobe for fall. If you would like to follow join me in the challenge, you can find all the steps here.

Confidence booster! Is there an outfit in your closet that makes you feel unstoppable? Describe or photograph it and share with us.

Confession, I am cheating a little with this step by using a picture that is approaching 2 years old. I’m quite a few pounds lighter in the picture, and that is the magic of this outfit. I feel confident in it when my weight is up or down. I apologize for the cut off head and shoes. This outfit can be worn casually with flats or amped up with heels. It looks great on my no make-up days, but it is also strong enough to handle a heavy make-up look. I don’t think I have a more versatile outfit in my current wardrobe.

Leather Jacket- VEDA
Dress- H&M
Necklace- Thrifted
Ring- Stephen Webster

 The goal of this step is to define what type of clothing gives you confidence. For me, the answer is covered up, but not uptight looks. I love comfortable clothes that allow me to move freely from one social situation to the next. These are the types of items I can comfortably splurge on. That is important to keep in mind during the next steps of this challenge. Coming up, I will be preparing for my fall wardrobe shopping. I want to make good decisions, so I’ll be creating a game plan before I hit the stores.


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