The Seventh Step…

In this series of posts, I am working through 12 steps I created to help refresh my wardrobe for fall. If you would like to follow join me in the challenge, you can find all the steps here.

Break your color habit! Now that you have described your safety zone, try something different. Put together an outfit that doesn’t include your default colors.

In my last post, I described my comfort zone when it comes to colours. This week, I challenged myself to break the habit and put together an outfit without black, blue, grey or jewel tones. This was easier said than done. Originally, I had planned to build an outfit around an oxblood coloured H&M dress. I have been wearing the dress a lot lately, but always with paring it with dark items. When forced to match it with something other than black, I found myself at a loss. I took a bunch of trial photos and hated them all. I looked okay, but I didn’t feel like me. Back to the drawing board.

I really had to reach for this one, but I’m very pleased with the results. This is a vintage dress, presumably from the 80’s. I consider it one of my greatest second-hand scores. It’s got an exaggerated silhouette, the shoulders are poofy. In that way, it reminds me of a lot of traditional African dresses.   You will have to excuse my goofy poses. I just bought a remote control for the camera and it’s fun to play with!

Dress: Vintage
Belt: Came with some other skirt
Boots: Dolce Vita purchased at Winners

Now, some of you astute readers might have noticed that this print does have black in it. I apologize for cheating a little. It was either  fudge it a little or go buy something new. As tempting as it is to go shopping, I’m trying to hold off until I’ve worked my way through all the other steps of this challenge. By the end of this series, I should have a very good idea of what I need to buy to make my wardrobe more functional. In the meantime, I’m working what I’ve got!

As a side note, I’ve been experimenting with my hair a bit lately. I have a whole hair post planned, but for now I will explain what is going on in this series of pictures. I spent a couple of hours putting my curly locks in to two-strand twists. That’s a simple, do at home technique that gives me the look of locs without much commitment. It also keeps my hair from becoming a tangled mess, and that is a minor miracle.

Why am I always looking sideways?

In the next step, I’m going to be putting together a power outfit. I’m not 100% sure what that means yet. I hope you will join me and find out!


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