The Sixth Step…

In this series of posts, I am working through 12 steps I created to help refresh my wardrobe for fall. If you would like to follow join me in the challenge, you can find all the steps here.

What is your default color palate? Describe the colors your usually wear. You can share an outfit if you would like.

When I was a teenager, I went through a very serious goth phase from which I never fully recovered. This has left me with a serious penchant for black clothing. I can’t help myself. Incongruously, I also love wild prints. My favourite prints are geometric or painterly. If I opt for a solid colour, it’s usually a bold jewel tone such as magenta or cobalt blue. I usually feel most comfortable with dark colours on the bottom, but I’m working to get over that. Back in my retail days, I often struggled to encourage women to try new colours. If you have ever worked retail, you know that black outsells other colours by a large margin. Old habits die hard.

There are definite benefits to working within a limited colour palette when trying to build your wardrobe. It does make it easier to mix and match. It’s less stressful if you lack confidence in your ability to put items together. The problem strikes when you avoid certain colours because you don’t think you can pull them off. I’m here to tell you that is nonsense. You can start small, with a scarf or a pair of tights. Try different shades until you hit on the winners. If you feel a colour isn’t working near your face, you could try the same colour as a skirt instead. Sometimes, you just need to switch your make-up palette to make a particular garment work for you.

When I went back and looked at my own wardrobe, I discovered that my palette is very cool. I don’t own many warm colours. That will be one of my personal challenges, adding more warmth. In the 7th step of this challenge, I’m going to put together an outfit that omits my safety colours. There will be no black, no blue, no grey and no bright jewel tones. Stay tuned for the results!


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